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Friday, November 14, 2003

Julian is now your friend!

I've met Julian, perhaps one of catch2t7's most eccentric people just last week, during our preparations for the pasiCATCHan. I've had a real fondness for him, as people of his personality has really intrigued me. Deviants like him, as I had initially thought, were different, and I wanted to know what set them apart from the status quo. How wrong I was when I got to befriend this guy just tonight.

It all started when we both got cooped up in SJ109. I was trying to cool myself off in the chilly breeze of the airconditioner when Julian, a natural storyteller, tried starting a small talk with me. I listened, and I was interested. Here was a guy that I had initially thought to be almost funny because of his strangeness, but made perfect sense to me once he started talking--not like 'ordinary' people I meet daily.

I then figured that Julian's case was just a bad case of misunderstanding and prejudice. I mean, even if he was almost dunce-like on how he behaved, this was perhaps the first guy i talked to today that made for some sensible discussions.

And apparently, as ******'s blockmate, it seems that he also noticed her oh-so-sweet smile; another thing that caught my eye. Sigh. Darn, it's like as if all things are conspiring against me today.


I performed for the very first time in college... and the experience can be likened to being baptized through fire. We weren't expecting to win, but at least, we've proven that CATCH2T7 has equally-capable and talented individuals that can give the upper batches some competition.

Our performance tonight was miserable, to say the very least. I was overcome by anxiety, and even my newfound confidence was suddenly nowhere to be found the moment my feet was on the William Shaw Theater's stage. I did give it my best, and it was good: people who knew me at least said that the performance was satisfactory. No negative remarks, but I could only imagine seeing them laughing incessantly while we're on the stage, trying to save our ars*s from humiliation. :p

I've been experiencing some moments of brilliance for the past few days now, prompting me to write some serious prose and poetry. They're not finished yet, and I'll get around to posting them later today or even over the weekend.



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