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Friday, November 14, 2003

Wonderfully chilly day...

I've got a mixed bag of feelings today. First up, it was good that typhoon 'Weng' dropped by, giving us Filipinos some break from the sweltering heat and humidity. On the other hand, the last news report I saw stated Weng has so far killed 4 people or so. Sigh.

And I was thinking of her today. Gee, baka mangyari na naman yung nangyari sa akin before. Somebody might get to her first, tell her how he really feels... and the rest, is [sob] once again history.

This I only realized only tonight, on my way home: Not only me finds her smile pretty, but others as well. Sigh. And remember that posting about everything conspiring against me lately? Well, the few reads I had over human relations and behavior is working against me: ****** is of the enchanting-girl-next-door type, which means more guys will be attracted to her than to the perfect 10s. Double darn. If this is any indication, not acting now will result to tremendous hurt later. Sigh.

Anyway, I'll be getting some shut-eye for tonight. I've still got to get up early for tomorrow's FORMDEV outreach in Habitat for Humanity - Taguig. I'm excited as hell. :D


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