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Sunday, November 16, 2003

Tired, exhausted, stressed... but still happy!

I just awoke from a nasty sleep on the living room couch (yeah, I forgot to get to bed *again*) and boy, my body terribly aches. My shoulders and arms are the most painful, perhaps from the cartloads of hollow blocks I hauled yesterday (according to my very rough estimates, the number of blocks I hauled and carried does range from a couple of hudred to about half a thousand.) Also, my nape and nose got a bit of burning too... :D Heeheeh.

But I was happy. In fact, it was perhaps the happy-warm-fuzzy-feeling you get from doing these kinds of things that push and inspire me to continue on, despite the obvious pain and exhaustion that I already feel when I was working. Nevertheless, it was good. I labored for something truly worthwhile. :))

Mom told me that where we worked wasn't all too far away from another of our decrepit and abandoned lots; it was only a couple of blocks, as that was already Phase 2 of Barangay Pinagsama, while our lot was on Phase 1. Gee, with all these abandoned lots that we have, I already wonder why we don't even live full-time on our own lot yet. (Most of the time, we still live in this small flat we rent for quite an exuberant rate. Weird.)

Anyway, I've just gotten around to finishing some important parts of my machine project... still got to do type my final argumentative paper for ENGLONE, plus a reaction paper for the FORMDEV Habitat Outreach and a quickie reaction on RELSONE. Sigh... no rest for the weary. :/

Updatage: I won't do the RELSONE paper. The film was crap anyway, and I didn't even understand a thing. I've already finished the ENGLONE thingy, and just waiting for the time to submit it. Crap, the bookstore in La Salle opens at 7:30, while my ENGLONE class is at 7:00! Crap. Oh well. ;)


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