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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I'm blogging again! :)

Sigh. After a longish hiatus, I finally decided to log back in, sail and quibble with the mighty open seas of the blogosphere once again. (Waitaminute, that didn't come out quite right.)

Anyway, let's see.

Oh yes.

First topic: Taking these new things in stride and in style (Or in other words, treading this one carefully yet fashionably ;)

Oh ho ho, ralphie, here we go again, descending upon a path that I've got quite familiar with now. There's that nasty, creeping feeling... filled with confusion, delusion, frustration, fear, and euphoria. A sudden rush of longing here, confusion there, and hoping somewhere here. Its crazy.

Actually, not that crazy, but then again, crazy is a word that is perhaps the only thing that describes falling for someone quite definitively.

I don't know what to think of anymore. My experience taught me to be even more careful than ever, yet I must avoid doing nothing entirely. Sigh. Shoot, thats one hard balance to achieve. And given the very limited time I am left with to make a decision, the pressure continues to mount.

I don't know. Help me make sense of all these. I feel so helpless, confused, vulnerable. Oh shoot. Why, oh why, do I... people... have to endure this?

No, please. I know I hardly stand a chance. And yet, if I don't do anything, I'd be left wondering, 'what if.'

I'm reading three past blogs from a year ago now, and listening to familiar music from that time, and they sound scarily familiar. Help. :`( sob.


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