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Friday, December 23, 2005

Spring (christmas?) cleaning

Hah. I love the holiday season.

No. Not because of the gifts, nor because of the mad rush in the malls (The sheer amount of people in the malls shopping actually rival that of a midnight madness sale, at least in Ayala! And people are actually buying stuff! How... unusual. All on weekdays! Heheh. I just hope that all that buying is for local goods, since if those were for imported things, expect our country's dollar balance/reserves to dwindle back to pre-holiday levels. On a somewhat related note, I think the BSP should consider getting itself a stack of renminbi/yuans instead, since virtually every consumer good available locally is made in China. Heh. Its crazy, but practical.)

Now, where was I?

Oh yes. Spring cleaning. Its that time of the year again when I get to rummage across everything I worked on since the start of the school year. The amount of school mess that I have lying around has become staggering and alarming lately, even rivalling that of my computer equipment stack. This has prompted my Almighty Mum to threaten me again of finally kicking me out of the house. I argued that I would call Bantay Bata, but then, she reminded me that I'm no longer a minor. Tough luck. Oh, my mum. So lovely when trying to get me to do something. Hahaha. (That reminds me, I haven't ever written about her. Maybe I'll try my hand at it one day.)

So, grudgingly, I was forced to face reality: do the annual review of the things I have, sort them into two: to archive and to throw them away.

You see, this spring cleaning thing, although as advanced as it may seem (its not yet spring), has been actually overdue for an entire term. I dunno why I didn't get around to doing it, but I love doing it. Rummaging through older junk may seem boring, but I discover lots of things about the recent past and all the crazy things a wandering mind like me occasionally do in class. Like scribble random thoughts on paper. Or write a one-liner. I don't really doodle, but I might just do that next time. ;)

Here's one of the better things I found. I actually thought I lost this, but I found this poem written on the back of a sheet of scratch yellow paper yesterday, and I remembered writing it last September. Don't ask why in the world I wrote it; I was inspired to write poetry at that time. It would be a waste to just throw away this one, as its one of my few handful of attempts at poetry.

I call this one "Hopes and Wishes".

There is a distant star
That I must reach
A dream that I must touch
The thought of reaching it
Frightens me and yet
I know I must,

For in it lies
The whole of me and
Something more than that,
And yet I'm afraid that
If I touch it
It will disappear

And take along with it
My heart.




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