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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Term post mortem

In its entirety, I can say that I've performed more or less the same as with my performance last term: pretty dismal grades for math-leaning subjects, some fair, some high grades for my majors. Oh. Every subject I had this term were majors.

  • I got a 1.5 in EDUSTAT. I'm not entirely sure if its due to the cliche-ish "spirit of the holiday season" factor, but I'll take this one over a 0.0 anyday. I passed! I passed!
  • Got a 4.0 in LACUSOC. I dunno about that crazy subject. While I certainly have developed an affinity for discussing language and its implications to modern society (bwahaha! language policy, anyone? Or would you rather have a discussion of gender differences in communication?), I'm not exactly certain I deserved that grade. Meh.
  • 3.5 for TINTECH! Weeeeeeeeee. I love teaching! A course on classroom management, and I got 3.5! Enough said. I actually *do* have a future as a fairly good teacher, based on the comments I got last December 7, when I did my demo teaching. Heck, my prof even offered to write me an endorsement letter to be part of the DEAL faculty then and there! Oh noes. Am I actually going to end up as a college prof, perhaps teaching ENGLONE or any other English GE course after I graduate? Scary. Hahaha.
  • 3.0 for LISPEAK. Another course on pedagogy, this one focused more on the nitty-gritty of practical application of linguistic theories and concepts to teaching listening and speaking. I missed my midterm task requirement for this one, so that must account for the .5 that is apparently missing from my final grade. Anyway, 3.0 is decent enough, so can't complain.
  • 8am classes are love-hate things. Especially majors classes. Its so easy to be late for them, or just avoid attending altogether. With that said, I actually did a lot of the latter. :D PSYLERN was one, and my absences cost me an entire 1.0 to be shaved off my projected grade. (I missed five quizzes in all! My prof was considerate enough to give me three of them as retakes. Goody goody. But I may not be as fortunate next time, especially when you consider that my average RELSTRI grade last term was due to a missed exam.) Anyway, 2.5 is good, though I still hate the grind of commuting. :/
  • Props goes out to FOUNED1. There wasn't any trace of our prof, or any grade for that matter. Not even on MLS. If that thing doesn't show up by the 22nd, we're screwed.
So, it was a fairly good term. I was able to salvage what I could from the spillover of November and get some of things in my academic house back in order.

Before going home today, I spent more than hour reading a tearjerker at the North Conserv all by myself. Gee, both wings of the Conserv are fairly nice when nighttime finally arrives. Was thinking of going to Starbucks at Torre when I saw that it was full of too-chatty people. I can normally shut them out whenever I'm reading in public, but this was too much. Way too much. Decided to go back to campus to spend the dusk at the Conserv instead. When I passed halfway through the book and the clock nearly hit six, I found myself wanting to cry already. I put down the book, checked my things and eyes, and finally went for a slow, inspire-me-nostalgia walk towards PGP to offer prayers and reflect. And perhaps even let tears well in and drop from my eyes.

If there's anything I can complain about La Salle, is that it doesn't have much places for recluse and quality alone time. Really. My solution? PGP and MBS, whichever is more accessible. Although I tend to go to PGP as its closer. For longer alone-time sorties, check out vacant classrooms in the sixth floor of Yuchengco (esp. the half-sized ones) and the Museum (although the cameras are teh scarey). The University Library should be considered last resort, for some reason. :))


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