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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Good morning, sunshine!

By this time, Ate Glo and her daughter are wrapping up this hour's religious service at the parish back home. And I'm not there. :(

The bad weather has finally lifted. Last night saw the baddest winds and the strongest rains, but its nice to wake up to a cup of nice hot tea and sunlight finally breaking through the cloud cover. Yesterday's weather was so bad, visibility was down to three meters. The wind was also rocking the electricity to a point that lights were flicking on and off. Sir Caloy told us to make sure chargers and other sensitive devices were unplugged. (Unlike in Manila, I always made sure to remove my laptop's charger DC-in from the laptop itself to make sure nothing gets fried. Electricity in provinces have been known to spike and fluctuate a lot.)

Anyway, this will be our last day here at the Villa. It is only now I realized how special this place is—this is an exclusive place built initially for only the Brothers to be used in their retreats and other functions. That limitation was lifted to include senior faculty and administration members from different La Salle institutions, but not for students. We are actually one of the few who will ever set foot and spend weekends here. :)

The morning view is breathtaking. For the first time this weekend, I finally saw the lake reveal itself. The fog has lifted! Yay.

Last night was terrible. It must have been below 20 (I reckon around 15 to 18 degrees, but I'm no thermometer. :) degrees last night, as things were colder than a decent air conditioned room back in Manila. The weather's a love-hate relationship: I appreciate the cool weather as it does wonders for my hyperhydrosis, but not this cold. (Silly me forgetting to bring along a jacket or a sweater.)

Anyway, I'll be wrapping this one up. I hear breakfast coming!


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