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Friday, December 16, 2005

In the middle of a storm or something like it

The weather is *bad*. The rains alternate between a light drizzle and a heavy downpour, and the winds are strong enough to actually start creating some sort of howling, buzzing sound whenever strong one would pass. Like a ghost trying to scare you.

Arrived at exactly around 9PM, so that makes our travel time around an hour and a half. As always, the traffic before the Filinvest/Alabang exits is as heavy as an unmovable turd.

I see new faces, and some aren't around. Three of them are apparently Milton's friends, while the two are froshies. Brian is with us too. Unfortunately, Dane, Tin-tin, Precious, Princess, Popoy, Sir Bart and Doc Sison aren't around, so that makes the numbers around the same as with the past Tagaytay weekends we've spent here at the Villa.

We had a simple, warm dinner of sinigang na bangus and adobo. Manang's sinigang was traditional; none of those Knorr-inspired flavors here. :) Instead, there were hints of tamarind and calamansi. The fish was tender and flaky, and its size indicates a fairly younger stock while the veggies were done just right. Perfect.


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