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Friday, December 09, 2005

A week in hell [is finally over]

EDIT (16 dec 2005 2:49PM): I won't be around for the weekend, as we'll be having a retreat. (coolness! finally, a break. La Salle Villa ulit!) I'm really sorry. Can't it wait until next week? :)

Anyway, I'm sorry for those who haven't seen anything good on this blog for the entire month of November. I've just returned from another wayward journey, and I'm still trying to pick
myself up, so please bear with me. :D I'm planning to post a few of the ones I made, but then, don't expect everything. All of my ramblings for last month are still saved as drafts, as I have opted not to post them.

Planning to catch up with my writings for the entire break. I'll be starting this weekend, as my trusty Thinkpad is coming with me to Tagaytay. Expect a big jazz album review fest (yes, spending hours in M1/Tower has been a recent
favorite thing) as I get around to getting my writing groove back. A couple of book reviews here and there (yes...) including my take on Stephen King's "On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft". Am planning to write about the Starbucks experience too, including revealing the [in my opinion] the best Starbucks store I've found so far. :) I seriously need to get back to writing, so we'll start with those. I'll also try to finish a write-up on the fun I had with Jake last Saturday at Intramuros. :))

For now, I'm finishing my packing my luggage.

Babush. (Sino gusto ng buko pie-tarts? Hahaha.)

O yan. Guys, I have posted my sched and todo list for next week. Things will certainly get busy around here. :) If you have any questions, tanong tanong na lang. Check ko na lang blogs nyo for your scheds, ha?

Final Exam Schedule:

bwahaha. I'm done, I'm done! 4.0 FOUNED1 finals. w00t.







Dec 12






Dec 12






Dec 14






Papers and requirements due:

  • done! LISPEAK Demo Teaching Portfolio. Due 10 Dec, Ms. Mimi’s p-hole @ the DEAL Offices, William Hall.
  • done! Paper on LACUSOC, “Attracting the Modern Filipina: A Metafunctional Analysis of Philippine Billboard Advertisements”. Presentation on 12 Dec, Final exam sched @ Y506. Exam afterwards. Submission date = ???
  • done! Paper on PSYLERN, “Motivation and Second Language Acquisition among the Hearing Impaired”. Due on Wednesday, 14 Dec 2005.
  • done! (EDUSTAT) Project on Correlations (Meeting at lunchtime, Tuesday 13 Dec 2005). Due on Thursday, 15 Dec 2005. Submit at Sir Homer’s p-hole at the Psych Dept.
  • done! grant me a 4.0, oh-so-mighty-deity of elmd. (TINTECH) Slideshow Presentations; Re: Cooperative Learning, Student-Centered Learning, Integrative Approach. Due on 16 Dec 2005. Leave with the Secretary, ELMD (LS Offices)
  • early processing of results done. I swear, career mode na talaga ito. Early next year (and over the holidays): Ms. Mimi's paper! Let's run the final 10 yards: Write the intro, methods, results, et al. and of course, submission for final edits and submission. I swear, I'll make this one so good that that thing will get published on whatever journal she'll be submitting it to. Career mode na ito!
Other stuff:

  • done! it was fun. :) post to follow. UNICEF Christmas Fair at Lyceum Intramuros. 10 December 2005, 1 - 5 PM.
  • FORMDEV Retreat ulit! :) 16 - 18 December 2005. Friday PM departure from Gox, La Salle Villa Tagaytay ETA undetermined. Sunday PM departure from Tagaytay: 2:00 PM, Manila ETA 4:00 PM. Bring usual things: a good book, senti/emo music, rosary, camera, some extra batteries, chocolate bars (bwahaha), bottled water, toiletries, clothing, slippers, bathing stuff, contacts kit/glasses, medication.
  • cancelled. texted ms. lalyn, she said ok. awww. Christmas Party at The Museum, 17 December 2005, lunchtime. Bring gift for Kuya J. :) [conflict. Ugh-oh.]?
  • MDP Dawn Mass lector/commentator service schedule 19 December 2005, 4:00 AM. Uniform required.


  • yay finally! Ralph is writing again! ok ka na talaga, ha?!


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