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Monday, September 27, 2004


Wanna see a crazy, eye-twisting, hilariously fascinating page filled with animated GIFs? Clickie wikie here.

Itanium *not* for workstations? Says who, you say? Says Intel, that's what!

The Inquirer link

My bad. What is Intel planning for EPIC and Itanium2? Relegate it big tin servers and HPC applications? I thought the plan a few years ago was to let the technology trickle down onto the desktop, by virtue of making variants of it for both workstation *and* server processor applications, and inevitably letting it come to the desktop. What happened, Santa Clara?

I'm alive, I'm alive, I'm alive. Woohoo!



We lost to those FEU guys last Sunday. Them crowd got real rowdy
daw, according to some people who were there, and it actually took one of FEU's coaching staffpeople to call on FEU fans to refrain from throwing things down (obviously, on the DLSU supporters.) Tsk, tsk, tsk. Baaad. Buti na lang hindi ako nanood, as I had some tickets with me then. But alas, my dream of seeing tamaraws extinct early dies a premature death.

Anyway, its the first loss of the Archers after eleven games, and by all counts, it wasn't really a devastating one. The Tams hit us hard and fast on the first minutes of the game, thus giving them the momentum, and leaving us with nothing could be done to stop the onslaught. Maybe Franz has some goodies to unleash on Koy come Thursday. We'll see, we'll see. :-)

I love the courses I have for this term! (Urm, except for one, perhaps. :-├× Forget about the post I made earlier, they were bad prejudgemental ones.

First, the bad.

EDTECH1 - ARTCOMP in a CED setting.
Ang corny nito, dood! Technology from the end-user perspective. Feels weird. Last term, I was on the other side of the fence when it comes to technology (ComSci) and now, eto. I shouldn't have taken this course. I' m so sick of computers already, I feel like throwing up whenever I am on this one.

And the teacher! Ow! A real sight to behold (and hear!) Nyarharhar. :-)

FOUNED2 - Dr. Lilet Bautista is cool. She's this type that tells of how noble the teaching profession is, despite the problems we've been having so far. Inspiring. One of the reasons I actually look forward to the day I finish my undergrad degree and get a job as a teacher.

Ah, isa pa to. Asteeg din 'to, dood. Dr. Michaela Munoz, even if she asks for a lot of classroom activities, is one great teacher. Like Dr. Lilet, I find her experience sharing priceless on how it inspires me to excel and do good now and in the future.

Excellent excuse too in letting me bring our shiny new digicam to school on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

GENPSYC - Dr. Javier may seem and sound like an oddball, but I like his style of teaching. Very authoritative lectures. And the book seems like a good read, which will especially come handy when it comes to reviewing time.

Didja know he actually asked us to have a brain specimen last Friday and today? Hahah. A human brain. Preserved and reeking in formaline. Awful. Heheh. But I learned lots. :-D

LINGUIS - Strange subject, but I feel confident in Dr. Mildred Rojo-Laurilla. She seems to know what she's doing. :-) Seriously, linguistics is challenging, but I should come through this. I should.

ENGLTWO - Twisted, dude! Hahahah. Research paper writing redux, for froshies® Hahahah. Five page argumentative paper? Keep 'em coming.

RELSTWO - Fun. I like Dr. Sembrano. And I actually have TY Tang as a classmate on this class. :-D

There you have it. 21 units of pure, unadulterated, unbelievable fun. phun. Or whatever. ;-)


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