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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Animo La Salle!

::w00t:: We Won! We Won! We Won! ::w00t::

We pWn3D the Blue Eagles! Our very own Green Archers definitely owned. :D

Men's Basketball Championship, here we come!

Listening to Ella Fitzgerald and loving every minute of it. Truly exquisite jazz. :)

Anyway, I find a few of the courses I have for this term challenging.

Take FOUNED2. It's not that I find it hard or anything, but Ma'am Lilet has this knack for asking more than what is expected from us. It's actually fine by me, as she said that as ::ehem:: future teachers, we could do such things. Whatever.

TINTECH bothers me. It's looking more of a practical education course than a theoretical one. We have Icebreakers set for the 21st, teaching concepts presentation on October, persuasion lectures next, and demo teaching on December. Wow. Again, while its all fine and dandy with me, i'm scared. I kinda dislike activities like these back when I was younger.

ENGLTWO's fascinating. Not for its writing nature, but I actually did an argumentative paper oh-so-many times already, under my first ENGLONE take, writing an excellently-rated (4.0 yung paper ko dito dude) argumentative paper on acknowledging of the legality of the USA's war on Iraq. I still curse that teacher, after realizing all the bad she had done for failing me for attendance. :-Þ

Boring: A word to describe GENPSYC. Under Mr. J. (I can't divulge his name. Somebody might leak.) I am really considering dropping this course. Nakakainis. And he requires us to have a book. Bummer. He drones on for an entire hour, three times a week. Dude, I'd honestly prefer to read chapters than listen to him. Kinda reminds me of Sir Generoso, without the repetitive words and with a slight Indian accent. My.Lasalle lists another professor for this class, and it seems he exchanged scheds with another guy. Sigh.

RELSTWO's okay with me, except that I kind of dislike the 1440-1610 sched of this thing. Kenneth's sister also had the chance to take RELSTWO under him, and says he's a pretty good professor, albeit quite heavy on the requirements side. Fine with me. :)

I find LINGUIS pretty intimidating. You have this foreign-educated, doctoral level professor. And she speaks well. I actually fumbled a bit with my spoken English when I had the chance to speak up in our first meeting, with her noticing that I did shuffle my conjectures around. Don't ask me, I was never really particular about my grammar anyway. She did remind me of Ma'am Beth Calero and Jessica Zafra, though. Challenging.

I have to give the honors to EDTECH1 though. Our professor for this course is truly a wonder to behold and hear: "Sir Micks. Sir Micks. Sir Micks." That was actually the only thought I had in mind when I first entered his class. Dude, you can only imagine how twisted this class is. And I actually have to endure this for three hours a week, for 13 more weeks or so. Doublecrap. But he seems pretty intelligent, though. Oh, may asaynment pala dito. Weheheh.

I'm still on 21 units. Friday's (or is it Saturday?) last day for dropping with 90% refund. Argh. Bahala na. Baka hindi rin ako mag-drop. Or I might. I really don't know.

"Life is difficult." Have to keep this one in mind.

I'm now in the College of Education. And loving every minute of it. :D


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