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Friday, August 20, 2004

Operation Finite Disclosure Retrospect (and a bit of blabber about the beauty of flowers :)

While I was able to deliver and redezvous with the package, some things were left to be desired. For instance, the flower shoppe. They could've had the flowers in stock at their place instead of letting me wait for them. That is the part I really didn't anticipate, and it caused a big blunder as to my plans for this day, as I was forced to drop my plans to submit a paper in FILIPI2 just to make up for the lost time. Anyway, it was all good, as it was for the sakes of doing a good deed for others. :)

The flowers were the most exceptional ones I've ever laid my eyes and hands on. You'd have to see and smell them to believe it. Designer Bloom did a splendid job. While it was a bit overpriced, I still wish I could give the same to a few special people I have encountered in my life, and of course, to my mum. :) I think I've done Aeo a great favor by going for the full monty (read: a dozen! :) of long-stemmed deep red roses... oh, the scent! Ang galeng. I really love flowers, dude.

dozen, Aeo. Yes, I gave her a dozen. Not half-dozen, not even eleven. Twelve. A dozen.

And don't ever think of paying the entire amount. I did enjoy the experience of purchasing and actually handing it over to her. Teeheeh.

Long-stemmed red roses, with potpurri scent highlights. Really lovely.

The potpurri scent was most special, in my opinion. It wasn't overpowering, unlike typical potpurri you can usually get in jars. This one was mild, yet retaining much of that goodness into it. It also retained its nice, sweet scent that was most obvious as I passed by a group of people *cough*girls*cough* in La Salle. :) As I've said, you'd have to actually smell it to believe it. :D

(Aeo, *big deal* talaga sa La Salle kung may dala kang kahit maliit na katiting ng bulaklak. You get all these sorts of reactions from people you walk past by, like "oh"s and "sino kayang pagbibigyan...", especially if the bouquet is the type you usually give to women and not to Eucharistic Celebrations. If not for
that, well, it was good. Don't mind this one. :)

I really want to experience giving a bouquet again. I have been actually planning to give one to ugh, her, but it really never passed planning. The feeling of actually having in your hands a lovely dozen of real quaint roses was elating. I felt like I could strike up a conversation with a real lovely young woman without doubts or even the fear of rejection.

Ah, flowers. Flowers. I love flowers. :)

Currently feeling: Weirded out, dude. This day was most crazy.
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