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Saturday, August 14, 2004

over a cup of coffee

Here I am, listening to Norah Jones' fine album, "Come Away With Me", enjoying a warm cup of capitalist mass-produced, water-diluted-substance-which-actually-tastes-well called coffee, on a cool, rainy night. Bliss, you say? Not quite.

All this is happening while I'm poring over a pretty large case study for INTRODB.

"Burning the midnight oil again, walphy?", my other side asked. "Yes, walphy. I am.", replied my good self. Sigh. It just never ends.

I need to make an logical entity relatinoship diagram for this thing. I figure, if it takes me about two good hours or so to come up with one for a pretty small case study, how much more for this? Ack. Better get started instead. :)

and the wheel turns yet again

Burned. Again. For the God-knows-how-many-times already in a span of only two years.

To be honest, I'm getting more and more finicky with these creatures you call women. Or girls. Or whatever, actually. Young women seems to be the most appropriate. :)

Sigh. I've asked this question a zillion times already, and here it is again: why do i keep on falling for the [wrong] person at the most definitely wrong time?

Don't answer that.

graduation day

I just finished ROTC. All fine and dandy. Except perhaps for that sucky experience of being in an APC and actually trying to deploy properly. Ack. That sucked. Heheh.

The buses sucked too. No airconditioning. In a country where humidity and high temperatures run rampant, airconditioning is almost paramount in ensuring passengers get to their destinations in a light mood. You know what I mean. ;)

Anyway, being the final, official ROTC day, I felt somewhat nostalgic, like a real big signage telling the whole world that two terms has already come and gone for me and this course. Being in RCG is a blast. That's one experience I'll never forget for sure. I'm going to miss the PTs. Yes, I surely will. The gargantuan effort needed to bring the DNST's PA system to and from the STRC. The scorching noontimes before dismissal. The quirky instructors.
The responsibility of being batch rep. The almost-constant prodding from Kimmie and others to lunge questions at senior and staff officers. The jokes. The wise-ass jokes. The corny jokes. The teasing and everything. I'm going to miss them.

I'll surely miss them all like hell.


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