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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Album Reviewerage: Steve Tyrell's "This Guy's in Love"

I first heard of Steve Tyrell in *that* movie, Something's Gotta Give, a few months back. His crooning was so lovable that, I did go out and picked up the soundtrack for that movie. While his song was admittedly, only a cover of Frank Sinatra's "I've Got a Crush on You", its own unique flair, combined with the exquisite big-jazz-band accompaniment and excellent arrangement, made for definite stand-out against the countless covers coming from different artists today.

Today, we take a look at the real deal: Steve Tyrell's second album, carrying the name "This Guy's in Love". Be forwarned: While a good number of the songs included in this album are definitely covers from the present and the no-so-present (in fact, the carrier single is a Burt Bacharach original.), Steve Tyrell's unique rendition and that signature big-jazz-band sound gives added breadth and flavor to ths songs included in the album.

The album starts off with "Isn't It Romantic?", an upbeat jazz track that makes for excellent, ugh, ballroom music. (Not that there's anything bad with it; in fact, I could just see myself slow dancing to his music every now and then. :) The tempo continues on to "Just In Time" and "You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To" before slowing down on the album's carrier, "This Guy's In Love." While his version is arranged differently from Bacharach's original, it is in fact, co-arranged by the man himself. That alone speaks volumes on the kind of work Steve Tyrell has on this album.

"The Nearness of You", a song originally performed by Norah Jones on her debut album, also makes itself heard on this album. While "The Nearness of You" may fit Norah Jones better, again, this track undergoes the same treatment that the rest underwent--making for another enchanting listen.

The warmth and attention to detail that is omnipresent throughout the album is simply astounding. This perhaps may be because of this, a story on how Steve Tyrell and her wife, Stephanie, shared a genuine passion for life and love with each other for more than a quarter of a century.

The warmth, detail, excellent arrangement, exquisite big-jazz-band music, and of course, Steve Tyrell's one-of-a-kind loving crooning all conspire to make listening to this album a magical experience. A perfect pick for mood and or romantic music, or something to that effect. Take it from me, this one's a keeper. :)

Score: 9.5/10 (I still have qualms over the price, but then, PhP 450 is still cheaper than what folks overseas get this for. :)


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