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Sunday, June 06, 2004

Yellow, folks.

I'm sorry for the lack of updates recently. I've been pretty busy and swept up lately by schoolwork, so to put it frankly, I haven't got much time to think and do other things, apart from my studies. (ack. :)

I'm at another dilemma right now: Here I am, in the fourth term of my CS degree program, contemplating whether to shift or not. My plan has its skeptics, me included. You see, my plan back in summer was something like this: Try to shift, if accepted, all the better. If not, then good enough, at least I tried, but I'd still take DLSU-CoEd's certification program to get me started on teaching. I'd really like to teach. :) It would be really fulfulling and nice if I made a darned good teacher or educator, breaking new grounds on the field I had decided to enter. Or whatever. Teeheeh.

The thing is this: My courses for this term are so interesting (read: geeky) that I'm having second thoughts all over again. Sigh. (Why can't I just make the decision with conviction, you might ask. Well, I just can't make one. :)) Sir Joey, my counselor, was right: maybe I was indeed genuinely interested in computers, that's why I went the ComSci route. Ack.

Anyway, my plan is still following through. I'll be trying to get the necessary signatures this week on my shifting form and submitting it. Fate, meet luck. :)

I'll be posting updates later this week. I still have an examination set for tomorrow, so I gotta prepare for that.

Until next time! :)


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