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Thursday, May 20, 2004

Adjustment Day tomorrow! Some w00tage in is order, I guess. :)

School days, here I come. Welcome, new academic year. New year of (pfft.) work, studies, and more college. Sigh. Good thing is, I've learned to accept all these already.

"Acceptance is key", my somewhat enlightened side said. I replied in turn, "What's that got to do with studying? (slightly puzzled, almost quizzical look)" Well, here's the gist: As soon as you accept that college is *indeed* a part of life if one is to progress further in his/her career, the sooner it all gets better. Gee, it took me a long time to make such relatively simple realizations, but after that, it all falls into place. Work is a part of life. Get used to it. As simple as that.

Anyways, I'll still be trying to shift even if I lack that nasty CGPA requirement. Who knows? Even then, I've already prepared myself if I don't make it: stay. Comsci is good in itself, and I can just take CoED's little education thingy to prepare me in becoming an educator. Pretty pure and simple. Sigh. Bahala na. :)

Oh. I'd still have to make a meeting with my counselor, Sir Joey, about things from the last term and the year ahead.

I'll also be adding a subject or two tomorrow, then visit Sam for the obligatory warez updates. :)

I also have to buy meself a new planner... and a new mobile phone. Maybe a (preferred!) Z600, a T610, Z200, or if worse-begets-worser, a trusty-crusty T68i. Just not Nokia. ;)



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