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Saturday, April 03, 2004

Hello nurses.

Howdy? I'd just woken up around an hour ago after a tiring day of rotc today. Tasty finals. Melikes shooting. :))

Woke up to a rather unforgiving dinner of afritada and cold rice, plus a glass of that nestle lemonade stuff. Followed by a cone of selecta's quezo real ice cream. Yummy stuff. :)

Anyway, got me a 7/10 on the 50m firing range. Really sweet shooting I did earlier. More or less by luck, I got me a bullseye, three headshots and three more scattered around the darkened figure. Three went to the white part of the paper, perhaps due to the surprising nature of rifle gunfire. One went stray; the guy who was firing to my right, paxxi, said i shot the rope/line that affixed his target. Gee, what gives? I was only literally shooting craps earlier today. (Believe it or not, luck got the better part of me today.)

My ears were ringing terribly after i fired. The range was like new year's celebrations, only louder. Teeheeh.

No more updatage for today. I've still got a rush argumentative paper (w00t! final paper na to!) *ralph does a dance 'round his seat* to accomplish for this weekend for monday.

My thesis statement: The best candidate for the Philippine presidency is Raul Roco because of his genuine desire to uplift the lives of Filipinos through the value of education.

Take that. Will post the final paper when I finish it.

Until then, take care, everybody. Me and God loves you. :)


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