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Friday, March 26, 2004

poetic.mode = TRUE; romaticist.mode = TRUE;

I was a tad dreamy last night, and looking up the sky last night, looking for the moon. There it was. Sigh. I could only gander in awe and amazement at the beauty of the night sky, albeit without much stars. I could only wish I was in Tagaytay or anywhere out of this urban hell called Manila, I said to myself. The sky is nil without all the fancy constellations and twinkling thingies up there. :)

Things went into mind... such as the thought of her.

Yes, I'm infatuated. I won't deny myself the wonderful feeling of admiring somebody. :) (Or simply put, having a crush.) ::kilig:: (Cut me some slack here! I mean, it's something natural to almost everyone and surely, it's of benefit to one's health. :) «« Gee, what a justification. :)

I was thinking last night if she even bothered to gaze up the sky at night. I was thinking if she even appreciated the sheer-simplistic-yet-strangely-enchanting beauty of nature, such as the rustle of leaves in a breeze, the chirping of birds as the sun breaks the relative silence of dawn, the calming flow of water in a brook or in a stream... those things, no matter how seemingly trivial, is something of profound importance to me.

Coincidence struck again yesterday. I found one of my Post-it note stubs at our other home, and saw a snippet of poetry I wrote, perhaps back in the second term, when I was still starry-eyed over ******. Here goes...

(While I'm good at prose, I'm really not that good in poetry, so pardon my bad tastes. :)

Am I looking up the same moon as you are right now,
Or am I holding on to a futile daydream?
Questions run the back of my head
At a loss over my future and what's ahead.

(and I continue from the original snippet... teeheeh. pabigyan... on the spot toh! :)

Why is it that I couldn't speak my mind,
Or rather my heart?
Of the things I sorely long to share and to proclaim
A gradually burning, slowly dying flame.

Frustrated, confused, obfuscated
I could only speak my thoughts to an inexistent you.
This feeling continues on unabated
But alas, it goes on undue.

Should I hold back
Or take the chance to do something that I lack?
Should I wait
Or miss out on a wondrous feeling that is likely given by fate?

I dunno, and I don't care
But then again, I don't know how I'll fare
If I don't do it,
Then I'll forever be the culprit

Of a misgiving that I should have acted upon.

(ayoko na! end of poetic snippet. this has tortured me long enough! :)

Take care, everybody! :)


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