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Wednesday, March 24, 2004

And the leap of faith finally comes through...

Ralph to myself: That's it. I'm getting out of this hell hole called comsci. No, I don't need more money, you insensitive clod. Just lookie here. More money doesn't necessarily mean that you would be better off in the future. I mean, who cares about having gobs of money when you can't have a job you and I know I'll enjoy?

Cynical Ralph: Get over it, you arse. You're just scapegoating in your failure to come up with a satisfactory machine project.

Real optimist Ralph: Aww, shuddup. I don't want to please people anymore. I'm so freaking sick and tired of it, I figure it's nigh time I do something I know I have real passion for. And don't get me started me with the friends thing... this is my life, and I'm here to take control of it. There's not one thing you can do about it. Yes, i'm shifting, thank you, and there's no single thing you can do about it!

Cynical Ralph: Are you really sure with that? I mean, education and literature isn't exactly the 'in' thing right now. And programming is cool, if you just have patience and perseverance.

Real optimist Ralph: To hell with the cool factor. I want to do something that I believe I could make a difference in. I just can't see myself hunched over a desk from 8am to 5pm. That just plain sucks. I hate cubicles. If a career is going to resign me to a job that mostly involves programming, then to hell with it. I'm plain leaving. I don't want to work in an environment that is restricting.

Cynical Ralph: Whatever suits you, my friend.

So there you go. An insight into how a typical thought in my mind goes through the thinking process. And yes, shifting is now 75%. Remaining in CS is down to a paltry one-quarter or so.


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