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Friday, February 13, 2004

Smoking is really bad for your health. I'm serious.

Apparently, here comes a study that proves and supports what we've known all along: that smoking can in fact lead to ugh, suckier love lives and some loss in the bedroom department.

More information here: http://www.newscientist.com/news/print.jsp?id=ns99994672

2003 Valentines Resolution: not fulfilled. Dang.

If some may remember way back valentines of 2003 (see here) I did state there that one of my resolutions for this year is "to be with somebody worthwhile" (Direct quotation yan ha! :) Guess what? Didn't fulfill it.

Instead, another fabulously single Valentines this year. Yay. While you see people going gaga over all this valentine shenanigan, as seen in the sheer number of flower and gift vendors arount the metro. Gee, even an org (not sure of its name, but I did saw their poster) at school got into the act too, organizing a Valentines' bazaar, together with haranas.


Chasing Liberty: another teen-flick, that is (cough, cough) perfect for those tweedledums looking to cuddle their special somebody this Valentines

Is this an omen?

I don't have any decent screenie to show you, so pardon the relative crummyness of my pic today. (But I love GB3's THX cinemas! Makes me even drool even more over a THX-Certified 5.1 system for myself at home.)

Anyway, if you're expecting something new over Mandy this time, you're out of luck. Sure, this film has been labelled something 'sexier', 'bolder' and more mature for Mandy, but believe me, that's what they are: just labels. The movie's just pure fluff and hype, if you are to believe the marketing they did for that movie.

But Mandy does what she does best: be that charming, enchanting lass that always ends up happily ever after. (Well, siguro with the exception of 'A Walk to Remember.') Which, as you may know, makes for some really nice kilig moments. :D (Why, is being a guy automatically something that prohibits you from experiencing moments of heightened emotion, like sharing in the rush of PEA in one's brain when love's around?)

Ben Calder (played by Matthey Goode, his first starring role BTW) plays as a European agent for the Secret Service, that gets to be the President's daughter, Ana Foster's first real serious love interest in the film, all while touring Europe's quaintest-of-quaint cities (Prague, Venice, Berlin and finally London... me wonder why Paris doesn't count. Perhaps it has to do with the chafing of relations between the US and France over the war in Iraq. Anyway, back to the comments... :)

Honestly though, Mandy was indeed sexier this time around. (Yeah, me a self-confessed Mandy fan. I own two of her CDs. So what?!? :)

To be fair, Ben Calder was really played his role well, and with his real schweet British accent, made for some real good performance in the movie. (Case in point: "I am just so un-bloody-hinged just being near you.") Not bad really, for his first big break on the silverscreen. Mandy, meanwhile, fared well too, despite the obvious pressures on her on this film.

While we have to give credit to the story as being real fascinating and unique in some ways, it is still, a teen-love flick. Which means cheesy lines, right? No. This movie makes an exception, and it does give light to one of the many problems teens all over the world experience: the continued struggle for independence as we all grow older. Combining love and freedom, Ana explores the world on her own, along with Ben, in a hubbub-of-a-tour of Europe, and makes a few exceptional realizations, like love and the true value of liberty, as also being responsible enough for your own good.

Overall, the movie makes for an excellent Valentines' and a teen-targeted romance at that. Recommended. :)


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