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Wednesday, January 14, 2004

I view, I came, and I saw.

My eyes were glued to the boob tube for some moments earlier today, and my hands were full as I was fiddling with the remote, mindlessly shifting from one channel to another when I stumbled upon Extra Challenge at GMA-7, with Paolo Bediones and Phoemela Baranda as hosts. (as you may know, Phoemela isn't actually Paolo's partner--it was Miriam Quiambao, another real pretty Filipina face. :D

They were on Boracay (Gee, I'm envious as hell.) for Phoemela's 'initiation' challenges, and it was only then that Miriam's disapperance isn't that bad at all: Here's Phoemela, an equally-pretty, intelligible host replacing Miriam! And boy, Phoemela sure is pretty too.

I liked how Miriam handled the show with Paolo in the past, along with the fact that Miriam sure is a nice and refreshing face to see after a rash of chinitas invading local TV. Phoemela isn't exactly the epitome of Filipina beauty (read: morena), but she's well up there with them, at the pantheon of Filipinas whom we have considered to be the prettiest faces to ever grace media.

In all, maybe here's one local show worth watching again. (Yeah, Phoemela's presence is indeed a factor. :))


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