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Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Hmmmm... it has been 10 days since last post... :)

The second term's over now. As of late, I've failed another subject, COMPRO2. (Screw that subject. ;) Anyway, I plan on taking it next term since, ugh... well, I have to and I've got no choice, if I am to continue pursuing a computer science degree in DLSU.

I feel somewhat better now, thank you. I guess its from the neato break I've had this weekend, in that silly party Dad had for the inauguration of his office for Blaze Master's Batangas operations. Had two bottles of SMB Light too... damn, that stuff was as nasty as the non-Light stuff. I wonder what the Light moniker was for, aside from the low calorie San Miguel claims.

It's almost Christmas, and I'm loving this chilly weather. I could only wish this lasts year-round... :))



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