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Friday, December 05, 2003

Here's something interesting for today

Whew. I'm blogging a lot today. This should make up for the lack of updates within the past week. ;)

Whenever I'm alone, usually on my way home, I tend to think and reflect on things. I know its good that I still have time to listen to myself and to my thoughts, but I think it can be very bad too. (Actually, I dunno if its evil/bad, but here goes...)

Here's the question I had for tonight: What is the meaning of life? What is my purpose? Not your typical teen question, eh? I figured that too. It's more of rhetorical/philosophical questions that we can place alongside other issues like reason for existence and faith. A lot of questions over myself and my life. It's getting confusing. Sigh.

It's a hard one, and frankly, I need someone to discuss it with. I rule out my parents: They're too stubborn to even listen and consider what in the world I'm saying.

Anyway, among other things, Emvin tells me that I'm now part of CMSI. This, at least, confirms my hypothesis, based upon the readings I've done on human relationships and behavior. You see, ******* is not of the '10s', or the most-prettiest ones (Gee, is there such a thing? Heeheeh.), but she falls at around above-average. Typical next-girl-door type too. That makes her, ugh... very popular among guys, who have rated themselves as either 6 all the way to 8++.

And oh, CMSI = Career Mode ni ****** Inc. (Tama ba, emvin? :D Ganun pala kame karami. Heeheeh.


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