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Friday, December 05, 2003

Coo! I'm roarin' again!

Sigh. I guess this is yet another sign that I can indeed get very moody at times. I'm so euphoric now, even if I seem to wake up from the wrong side of the bed. (Actually, I did sleep on the wrong side of my bed. You see, I sleep on a 'queen'-sized bed of my own, and when I'm too tired to even sleep properly, I just fling myself on my bed, not even minding the direction I sleep. So, in effect, I slept perpendicular to the direction of my bed. Strange, eh? I thought so. :D

Anyway, enough of the bed rambling. :))

I actually had a good day yesterday. To sum up, I didn't have any class yesterday. Let's see: No ENGLONE, skipped PHYCOM1, my COMPRO2 demo is still next week, and the last meeting we have for PEINDIV was just to submit a paper that'll serve as a part of our finals grade. Cool, no? Yeah, I thought so too.

And oh, I've been falling in love over that song that has been playing everywhere lately: King's 'Maybe'. It's actually an original of Neocolors, which I'm lucky to own a greatest hits album of theirs, so I easily listened to it without scrounging the realms of that nasty p2p network called Kazaa. But then again, I like King's version. Maybe I'll try dropping by Kazaa to get a 'sample.' ;)

Gee, the second semester is about to end. And so is the wodnerful sked I have that lets me have glances at _her_. Ralph oh ralph, why haven't you done anything about it yet?

Honestly, I dunno. Maybe I'm just using the reason "studies first" to stall things. Or I just don't want to do it because of the 1001 myriad reasons that people call 'excuses'. Or maybe not just yet. Or... never mind.

I went off to see Manila Bay's sunset yesterday. It was beautiful. I don't know about you guys, but I guess I still have that 'nature-lover' finger on me that I got from Lourdes that helps me appreciate these kinds of things. Sigh. You know what, I have this li'l fancy: to have somebody that also shares the same passion and fascination for picturesque sunsets. ;))

Morning Reads

Now this is interesting: AMD's 'new' low-end procesors (the Athlon XP/Duron range) are on a rampage! Anandtech gives you the lowdown on AMD's chepest and greatest, and why they make a relative geek like me who owns an AMD AXP-based system happy. See here: Anandtech

I'll add more as the days progresses on.



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