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Thursday, December 11, 2003

Ehem... I'm officially, ugh... screwed.

I did screw up my COMPRO2 finals exam earlier today. Anyway, I was already screwed into submitting an essentially worthless machine project, so yeah, I guess I deserved to get this. :|

ANYWAY... I am happy. (Weird.) As I've said before, I can get very moody at times, shifting from totally happy to totally distraught. Honestly, I'm not sure of what to think of these mood swings.

Gosh, third term na. It's so fast. My life's going way too fast for my taste. I want to slow down, take a break and rethink things through. I honestly mean that. I want to get in car, get on the road, and just take myself wherever luck takes me. It seems that something is thoroughly missing in my life; something that I've been looking for all this time. I dunno if it has something to do with my renewed faith in God, (Yes, I do have a 'reinvigorated', more intimate relationship with Him.) or my search for some female influence in my life.

Ahh... feemales. Interesting species they are, eh? :D I thought so too. Rarely I go out and never notice a pretty face or two somewhere out there. And you'll mention the almost-inevitable wise words of appreciation: "Helllllooow, nurse!" (Hahah. That made for some nasty grinning on my part back there. :))

And ******. I saw her numerous times this week already; perhaps the last week I'll have copious amounts of glances at her. Gee, I still haven't gotten around the thought of her, honest. I find her... simple. Pretty. Interesting. [me lets out a sigh.]

What's on my playlist right now: Mandy Moore Galore. [Yeah!]

--> 'I Wanna Be With You'
--> 'Crush'
--> 'It's Gonna Be Love'

Yes, it's cheesy as hell, but what the hell. That's what I want to listen to right now. :))

Ciao. Gotta continue studying for my ALGTRIG exam tomorrow.


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