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Saturday, December 13, 2003

Old mushy movies with Meg Ryan in them? Call me old-fashioned but...

I like them. There, I broke it to whoever's reading this thing. (Curse you for laughing. [nasty grin] )

Anyway, this started out with my fascination for any romance flick with Meg Ryan in it. Would you imagine that? I have this fascination for that actress. I find her... quaint. That's it.

I also saw 'Sleepless in Seattle' a few minutes ago just tonight, on my PC (in the guise of testing out this new spanking but somewhat slow GeForce FX 5600 for defects, which I got after RMAing my little-wonder-of-a-card, a GeForce 4 Ti4200.) and I must say, it made for some good laughs and, ugh, dare I say it, 'kilig' moments. (See? Guys *can* also be very cheesy at times. But then again, I have always been cheesy and old-fashioned. :)

So, here I am, wondering, "Can anybody lend/point me to a copy of other recent and not-so-recent love flicks with Meg Ryan in them? I'm currently looking out for "Kate and Leopold." ;) And oh, don't bother showing me 'City of Angels' or even that sweet romance, 'You've Got Mail.' I've seen them far too many times already.

FORMDEV is now [poof]

Another term ends. Another term starts next January, along with the new faces. Gee, it only seemed yesterday that the second term started, and it has now almost ended. Along with it, another interesting course like FORMDEV.

So, what is FORMDEV anyway? In a nutshell, FORMDEV stands for Formation and Development 1. But don't be misled by the course title, this one's all about St. John Baptist de La Salle and how his life can be an influence and an inspiration to a budding Lasallian. It's important to note that it's not an academic subject, and the thing in that course that can get as close to academe as possible is a quick run-through of the life of St. La Salle. That's mostly it, that is, until you get to the part where you get to learn more than what you had expected.

FORMDEV enabled me to know some persons worth noting, such as Paul and Ben, a few of S11's facilitators. So, who are they and what did they do to deserve notice? Actually, a lot.

Ben is our somewhat silent and reserved group facilitator. He's also a mature guy, really a nice person to know and be acquainted with. But what drawn me to him was his faith. His faith in God and in Mother Mary. It somewhat shamed me, as here I am, educated in the best Christian schools in the country and still forgetful and doubtful of my own faith. He learned me to put more trust into God and be more grateful of what He has done for me. That's one lesson that I'll perhaps never forget.

Paul. Somewhat strange guy, really. But I saw how responsible he was. And it's good, as he can serve as a model for me to try to emulate. I'm sorely in need for some responsibility fix, you know. :)

This course has been perhaps one of the most worthwhile ones I had in the couple of months I've spent studying here. It enabled me to learn a lot more about myself and other people, and to nurture a deeper and more intimate relationship with the Lord. :))

Mico: Hahah. Napag-hahalataang SM ka sa pi-nost mo sa Friendster BBs... SM ka pala hah! And yet you vehemently deny it back in high school. :-p


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