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Saturday, December 27, 2003

Happy holidays!

I know my greeting is late, but I figured most of you have already had your Christmas-greeting fix, so its not much of importance. Then again, a greeting is still a greeting, and its free so why not give lots of 'em away? :))

Anyway, my list of gifts looks as worser compared to last year's. And no, there aren't any techie/geeky stuff among them. But one interesting gift to note is in a bottle and smells sweet. Can you guess what is it?

(It's Mico's de facto scent, too.)

Yes, it's a bottle of Clinique's Happy pour homme, albeit only somewhat larger than what's on the picture.

Comments so far: Well, I've used it twice or thrice now, and I must say, it's a pretty good scent. Although lacking in sophistication compared to my scents of preference, Kenzo and Issey Miyake, Happy for Men more than makes up for it in its easygoing nature. (Gee, its like as if these perfumes are people. Pardon my personification, but you'd have to agree that perfumes *do* have character that can make or break its user.) I'm going to keep this one around, perhaps use it on a more frequent basis... overall, I like it. :)

Christmas has been very tiring and stressful for me. I mean, I haven't gotten the chance to send people gifts because of my dire financial situation (As of late, I'm currently worth less than I was last year.) Understandably, I still don't make my own money, but some people were expecting, and I felt somewhat bad not having something to give 'em this year. I even had great gift ideas... but no money. Sigh.


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