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Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Here's the word, straight from the horse's mouth.

I failed ENGLONE. Yep, some of you might have noticed (and asked) about the seemingly erroneous entry a couple of days ago about my subjects, but as painful and as unbelievable as it may be, ENGLONE is indeed one of my subjects for this term, as I've failed ENGLONE, one of the few subjects in which I've done relatively well.

Honestly, it was a lack of responsibility on my part, plus some problems with my family. It's real personal, so I tend to not talk about it. But my mistake was to let the bad goings-on that have been happening lately to affect me and my studies. You know, it's hard to go home to a place that you hate going home to, going as far as delaying my trip home just to stay out of the entire mess.

My ENGLONE failure might be too good a thing too, as it helped me get back on my feet and have some semblance of responsibility and diligence on my part, two things I've never really had since I was in high school. I dunno if it was from my apparent lack of fear for failure and for deadlines, but heck, I must agree, I do slack a bit too much. It was also a good reality check, as I think i've already had my skill in english all over my head, when in reality, there are tons of people who are miles-away-better than me. Heh.

What I was surprised about was my comtech2003 batchmates' reaction to my failure. And they were with good reason: it was only lately that I remembered that I was the guy who brought DB a silver medal (bested only by Ateneo! Hah! Take that, you blue-blooded katipuneros! Heheh. Just kidding. :)) in PCPGE's english essay writing contest, and wrote in a manner that is still considered prolific by my peers even up to now. Heck, I even have the cream of DB batch 2003's respect when it came to writing... but still, I failed.

Sigh. Ralph, where art thou? :|

I know my mistakes. I... I really am at a loss for words. Here I am, thinking over where and what I've done wrong, and got an entire term to do the thinking. Gee, real neat. Seriously, I think it's nigh time I get off the less-trudged path and just stay with what everybody else does. It's not that bad, really.

Mico! You leery git! You even had the tenacity to post my full name on your blog. anyway, the publicity's good. i suppose that's for free. it's nice and lovely. really. :p

JPRIZAL? Fun, really!

Hah. My class in CLA, JPRIZAL, is fun. Why? The reason's real strange, but here goes.

It's the first class, in my entire life, that is dominated by feemales. Yep, that's right, the opposite gender. And how they dominate is pretty odd. They're like... boys, minus the rowdyness and green jokes. :D I mean, on my block and back in HS, we guys are responsible for much of the ruckus and the clowning around, but on my A55 JPRIZAL class, the girls do much of the kidding around, while we guys just sit back and laugh. Gee. It's odd to be on the other side of the fence. :))

And if you're wondering, yep, there's lots of lookers in that class. :D


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