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Monday, January 12, 2004

You might have, or might. Or whatever, actually. :))

I've added another site to my daily reading list--the list of sites I go to check on an almost ritualistic basis. Check it out here. Yes, it's New York Times on the Web. (Membership required, but it's free as beer and their privacy policy is credible enough to be trusted, so check it out.)

I find CNN.com slow on dial-up, and NYTimes gives that much-needed foreign news updatage that complements the slew of news coming from local media outlets.

Fun? Think PEDANCE.

I've had my first encounter with PEDANCE early today. And yeah, for a guy like me who has so much loathing for dancing, I find it fun.

Despite P1003's lack of airconditioning, I still managed to keep my cool somehow. I don't know how or why, but lately, I've been feeling really cheery and nice. I wish it could last forever. :))

We've done a series of figures for 'LA Walk' today, and while it may not necessarily be *that* challenging, (My mom, a self-confessed lady who finds ballroom dancing fun and engrossing, laughed at me after I said I still find it difficult to follow dance steps. Go figure.) it was, for somebody like me who is really clueless when it comes to anything related to dancing.

I really felt great after PEDANCE today, and I'm certainly looking forward to the next meeting. :D


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