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Thursday, January 08, 2004

w007! First day rocks!

(Okay, so it's not really my first day, but I figured that this is indeed my first real and serious day of classes, so the reason to call it first day.)

Anyway, I love my classes during Tuesdays and Thursdays! Sure, they're ENGLONE, JPRIZAL and COMPRO2, but the professors are what makes them more worthwhile. I've got more moderate professors now, and it really helps to have their kind as they can ultimately, make or break my studies for this term.

I'm touring a bigger part of La Salle, now that I have classes in three different colleges. My ENGLONE class is with engineering first year majors, while my JPRIZAL class is with an overly noisy, female-majority CLA frosh block, and my COMPRO2 class is with Andrew, plus a couple of 15 people.

I'm loving it, really. I know I should, as this could spell trouble if I don't cut this one off correctly.

I wasn't expecting it, but I thought I just saw her pass by...

Yes, *******. Her. Of all the persons. It's not that there's something bad about seeing somebody you have a crush on, but it kinda makes things somewhat complicated for me.

For starters, I wasn't expecting she would taking an afternoon class for her COMPRO2 course, along with that guy who has been 'careering' her. That's why I saw her, and saw her lots.

As we were waiting for Kenneth to scamper away from his last class, (also COMPRO2, albeit under a different professor) the bell rang. I knew that she was still in Gox, but not that it did matter now. I looked upon the direction of the bridgeway, and there she was. And our eyes met, only broken by the arrival of her two blockmates, who I had presumed to having invited her to join them and watch her block's game against another frosh CS block.

Gee. For a moment there, I thought what I just did was evil. But then again, maybe not. ;)) For starters, she caught me looking at her. Again, not that it matters, as I'm a guy and she's, well, a girl, but it does give away some of the secrecy factor.

This wasn't the first incident. This also occured lotsa times last term, and yeah, it makes me feel a li'l bit jumpy.

Sigh. I need rest.


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