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Monday, February 09, 2004

mozilla.org releases a combo today

Firefox Browser (now at 0.8 milestone, formerly known as Firebird/Phoenix) and Thunderbird 0.5 (standalone mail client) released. Get yours now here. Available in almost every desktop OS: Windows, Linux and Mac OSX.

Also, I've added an advocacy button on the near right, below my list o' links. Check it out, seems sweet.

Hey emvin, nice partey. Happy Birthday. :D

After emvin's partey, I must admit that I got a wee-bit sober. And Philip [Duay] was telling me that I was somewhat of a wreck last Friday eve. Shucks. I'm pretty sure I only had around two bottles of beer, plus a couple of cups of that grape-flavored 'cartoons' thingy. Oh, the wine and the whiskey too. Awful stuff, in my opinion. With that, I was already tipsy and red, so said by my friends. I dunno. I did manage to avoid more bottles, as somebody at home might notice and I've still got a class the day after. But one thing's for sure: I enjoyed myself last Friday.

Some of comtech2003's people were also hurting that night. Reason? Don't ask, as it's all too predictable.

Pogz was hurting, and I was trying to console and let him see reason in just getting over the thought of ******, as she apparently has her eyes on another guy. Also hurting was Chris, when he got hold of the info that the object of her interest has gone off with somebody for at least an hour. Sigh. For the past week, all I've heard of from ct2003 people were problems with the opposite gender. Hey DB, here's a suggestion: why not a subject on opposite-gender relations, so we can at least be up to snuff when we go out into college. Being in an exclusive-for-boys school does have its merits, but it does have cons too. Like the majority of us being clueless about females. :)

Also got to see mico's place. Not bad. Relatively saner compared to our place. :))

I got suffocated too, from all the exhaust in EDSA and in SLEX. Darn jeepneys and buses. They should go the way of the dodo already.

Currently playing: Norah Jones' "Come Away With Me" CD.


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