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Friday, January 16, 2004

Do you call yourself l337?

Here's my dare: Down two baluts (duck embryo eggs, cooked. yum. :)) as fast as you can, and tell the entire world how good it tastes, with some salt added. really, it's yum.

anyway, the thing is that it also has lots of cholesterol too, so don't eat too much of the stuff.

[Now what was that about posting about balut? Ewan. Masarap lang talaga eh. :D

Michelle Branch's 'Hotel Paper' s*cks!

I hate it not because of the music. But because this is a case of technology spoiling perfectly nice and sane music.

It's called 'copy control', and even Philips, the inventor of Compact Disc technology, had already disowned 'CDs' bearing copy-control technologies, saying that they do not warrant being called compact discs anymore, lest they start following the Red Book CD Audio standard.

For instance, even after cracking the protection, some tracks still are absent. This sucks, as my sister bought this thing for 400++ pesos. We both like Michelle's music, and this is not the way I wanted things to be.

RIAA and all their minions suck. They should all just go to hell, instead of trying to use technology against us instead of embracing it.

I mean, is copy-protection bad? Sure, it is. How about companies making beta testers out of you? We've seen this before with M$, and now record companies are doing exactly the same thing. They literally sell you discs that aren't guaranteed to work, (Some CCTs even damage/destroy the players they are used in) and offer almost no renumeration for the costs and the hassle that you, as a consumer endured. They release technologies onto the marketplace without even conducting testing. This is bad. I can honestly say that this is a step in the wrong direction for the music industry.


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