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Thursday, January 15, 2004

meeeco! here's the comment you've asked for.

first up: i hate to break it to you, but alcove of secrets™ is just *so* cheesy, it's almost clichè-ish. i suggest something subtler. (honestly, it reminds me of harry potter. oh wait, 'chamber of secrets' pala yun! heeheeh.) :))

on a related note, men are programmed to be hunters, just as females are programmed by nature to be hunted. no really, I'm dead serious here. That's how nature shaped us over the course of history and over the millenias. But then again, people still misconstrue your actions as being a 'player' or being a playboy, whichever comes first. IMHO, that's the risk you take as a guy in finding that one true love you've always sought for.

being popular with them feemales is *not* the same as being likable. believe me.

(baket mico, meron na naman bang bago? Heeheeh. :))

and it's not paranoia that overcomes you. it's something called anxiety. the feeling of butterflies in your tummy whenever you try to decide on something... yep, that's the feeling. and really, it's a glorious feeling, as its a sign that you're as far as normal teens could get. :))

you loathe local movies. that's fine, i did so too. i like crying ladies, though, as it brings a lot of refreshing things to local moviemaking. but then again, the rash of actors and actresses jumping to politics makes me sick as hell, so I figure I'll have another boycott.

and oh, the official PR scoopage on why ralph blay failed englone is down below! read and understand, you insensitive clod! (been slashdotting lately... so, pardon me.)


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