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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

First post!

Fun. Really. After a week without no updates at all, here I am again. :))

Anyway, it was fun. I dunno. I just feel as happy and as cheery as hell. I really have no idea why. Maybe for the first time, i have no immediate worries; only long-term ones that have existed since I had an inkling of what life really is.

(Gee. Here I go again, writing about something abstract and intangible. Anyway, if you couldn't stand it, the exit's just around the corner. And oh, thank you for coming. :))

Seriously, my almost worthless and un-eventful life had some developments recently. (Finally.) Read about it maybe tomorrow. I'm sleepy.

You know what? Nothing. Never mind.

Sheesh. I can't organize my thoughts today. For chrissakes. (Oops. My bad.)

I'll be posting my reaction paper on 'The Last Samurai' maybe tomorrow or on Thursday, whenever I feel like it. It's actually a paper I did for ENGLONE, my real, honest-to-goodness fave subject. Literally made out of nothing, just at the onset of a desire to write and rediscover a couple of things. Wala lang. I just wanted my profie to see it. No, she said she'll be giving incentives for anything written, so maybe I could try my hand on a reaction paper.

And to think I even found time to update this.

I'm in a dilemma right now. I was walking when I realized a couple of things. Is COMSCI for me? I mean, my interests lies in other things: writing, behavioral science or even psychology, and ugh, teaching. Teaching something like history or english. And yeah, I'm really fascinated by young tots. Not computers. Sure, I'm passionate about them, but then again, my skills aren't really COMSCI-ish. (Sometimes, you have to face facts. Fast.)

I'll be going to CCD tomorrow (SPS, 3rd Floor.) for counselling. Maybe they could help. I'm really confused. My parents are of no help, either: all they say is they'll support me in whatever I decide to take. What about a degree in being a bum or lifetime slacker now? Would they support me in that? I thought not too. :))

Aside from being in a dilemma, I'm also fazed too. Over people of the opposite gender.

You know, there's two equally-interesting girls in my A55 JPRIZAL class. She's ******* and ******* (Heh. All of my admirationaroos thus far have seven letter names. What fun!)

One's a chinese mestiza-type, the latter's a quaint young woman who has this wonderful pair of earrings with pearls on them. Really pretty.

And yeah, I've got an entire term to get to know them both. :)))))))))))))


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