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Saturday, February 14, 2004

It's back! I guess...

If you're wondering what's back, it actually has something to do with one of the weirder aspects as to who i am. Sure, you guys may have noticed my relative strangeness whenever I start mumbling words on my own (haha.), but it has to do with the apparent lack of people to speak to; somebody who could listen and respond in a manner that more or less, is on the level of the conversation. Don't get me wrong, I'm not discriminating against people, but there's not just enough people willing to talk intelligible stuff that I know. (that would be politics, business and urm, computers. gee, no wonder no one wants to talk. everything stuffed in my head is geeky. heeheeh.)

The thing that's back is those scrolling words in the back of my head. It's weird, really, as its something that enables me to write things and stuff (and do the occasional self-talk thingy. :) It's actually something that turns itself on whenever I least expect it, more like Peter Parker's "spidey-sense" in a kind-of-way. Like when I'm in a public conveyance like a FX or a jeep, when there's no paper nor a blog entry page to write on.

When I entered college, I noticed that it was all but gone. I wasn't doing self-talk anymore, nor was there any scrolling words. Nothing. Zilch. It was only now that parts of it started coming back, like a dog returning to his master after fetching some object. (What a strange analogy! :)

Also, there's that nasty ability that I have whenever I'm in the mood for writing that enables me to think a word I've encountered once before, and try to use it in what I'm doing, say in an essay or paper. Not that I'm sure of its usage; in fact, it's quite the contrary. I'd have to check the definition I derived from the context clues presented in its original usage against Webster to make sure its the appropriate word. And more often than not, it is correct. Really strange ability. Any of you guys experienced it before too? Drop me a line or two here.

I'm not sure how all of this would make sense to anyone who reads this, but hey, it's better to have shared than to have done nothing at all. :D

Hrrmph... KC now knows about this little thing I have for one of his blockmates. I was so stupid to have asked about her. :)) On the other hand, he offered to introduce me to her. Yipee. Better brush up on opposite-gender socializing 101.

Currently playing: Regine Velasquez/David Hasselhoff's 'More Than Words Can Say' (syet. Love song na naman. Valentines pa man din. Heheh.)


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