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Saturday, March 20, 2004

ROTC day today. Nothing much to post about, really. Tiring, hell yeah, so after I went home, I got myself on the floor and slept. Literally on the floor, as I find my bed too hot without turning on airconditioning.

Anyway, as usual I got my weekly dose of sunshine and workout this morning. We did some routinary morning niceties (Hahah. I don't really know what they're called. :) followed by another dose of 'dry firing': pre-actual firing exercises designed to help us get the feel of aiming and shooting at a target down a range. Yeah, it was cool, but the AR15/M16 training rifles we use are of the older issue, circa 70s maybe, thus heavee. (Rainier tells me that M16s are nowhere as heavy as rifles based upon solid hardwood, such as the M1 series and the M14; both interestingly, of Springfield descent.) My left arm would twitch badly after several minutes of the rifle resting on it, thus I compensated for it with my rightie. Good enough, but I need contact lenses to aim properly! Spectacles doesn't quite cut it, really. :)

First training day of being batch representative too. Responsibility. Sigh, Ralph. Let's try doing this correctly this time, okie?

I could only wonder: what if I had CWTS (Community Welfare Training Service... or something to that effect. Heeheeh.) instead of this ROTC thingy? I personally feel that knowing myself, I'd feel much better off taking CWTS than ROTC... as I easily have passion for doing things that benefit others. Bah. Never mind.

Currently playing: Mark Bautista's 'Baliw' (Ano, merong may angal?!? To each his own, heheh. Actually his music is reminiscent of Gary Valenciano's early days and musical acts, which I find a fascination for.)


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