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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

printf("\nHello world!\n");

Oh, how I love programming. I worked my arse off until lunchtime today to finish our case study, and after all the frustration, the anger and the confusion, I did manage to do roughly three-fourths of the entire thing. And that's what our group submitted this afternoon.

Here's a couple of things I learned from that experience:

- Never, ever put off work. It bites. Hard. Once it overwhelms you, failure then becomes even more attractive as an option... :(

- Programming is an art, requiring dedication, patience and perseverance. Especially if that logic thingy in your head works slower (me raises hands!) than some hardcore CS kiddies out there, these things become more important than ever before.

- Always assume that one program you created on say, Windows, will not perfectly work on other platforms. Also consider the sheer variety of compilers/development environments out there (i.e. Borland, Microsoft, GNU C, etc.)

- Set aside time. Time management is one crucial thing an IT worker must develop, if he or she is to become successful in this line of work.

- Work becomes more worthwhile with enthusiasm and passion. If you have at least one, then expect your work to be more fulfilling and engaging.

Next up: My machine project.

I made a booboo earlier today. In waving back one of KC's classmates while she was standing (obviously waiting) in front of EGI. What if somebody was behind me and the wave wasn't really intended for me? I would definitely come out of that as a... ehem, presko guy. Blech. :p

On the other hand, if it was indeed for me, then goody. I did what I was expected to do in return.

Sigh. Heh, its a pretty trivial thing, so I really wouldn't mind. Need to get some rest for tomorrow's exams. 4.0, here i come! Yeah! :o))


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