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Friday, March 05, 2004

I miss *******. I was so close to actually striking up a conversation with her yesterday, after our midterms in jprizal. Oh well.

You know, whenever I have these little admiration thingies (or what people commonly refer to as 'crushes') it kinda leaves me in awe and wonder, "What exactly do I find admirable in them?" Even KC, a fellow ct2003 classmate of mine in that class, also asked me the same question. Gee, KC, I dunno. ;)

Perhaps its that adage "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" thingy doing its stuff. What one might find interesting and appealing may not exactly have the same level of those to another. Think about Mother Nature playing her little tricks on us. :)

I am quite afraid to lose the chance to even get to know her. I mean, the term is just four weeks away from ending, and here I am, still contemplating on when and how to make my move. She really is somebody that I think will be worth my while (and one of a kind too!), and I'm afraid to lose out on my chance to get close to her. Sheesh, Ralph, risk. Don't you just hate them? (The risk, I mean. :)

Whenever I think of it, anxiety comes over me. It's just that all of those doubts and fears come to life and utterly disable me, making me feel incompetent and worthless. Gosh, this is bad. I really think that Sir Joey was indeed right in taking risks. After all, no gains can be made without taking some amount of risk, right? This is *so* true in business.

I guess I just have to either take the risk, or lose out on her entirely, without even knowing how she'll respond or even think of me as an individual.

Sigh. Dilemmas, dilemmas. :-$


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