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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Howdy, folks!

Woohoo! First day of *no* academic responsibilities! Vacation time! w00t w00t w00t! Finally. Some R&R. Yeah.

I did fell asleep in front of TV again last night. Woke up at six, went up to my bedroom and slept for an hour there. Bad, bad, bedtime habits I have. :)

On a somewhat unrelated note, Slashdot geeks here are discussing time and wristwatches. And quite surprisingly, I see a few sentiments that I also feel about time: Wristwatches are evil in such a way that it binds you to time. It has this nasty way of shackling you to time, making you feel pressured and hurried. Gee Ralph, that was what I have been doing for an entire school year now. I guess once in a while, the old ideas that fuel my lifestyle some time back seems to crop up every now and then. Anyway, I still believe in that debilitating nature of having a wristwatch, but the irony of it all is I'd love to have one. A jewelry, not a timepiece. Something elegant as say, a Patek Philippe, Rolex, Omega or even a Tag Heuer. Anything swanky.

Pah. Don't mind me.

It hurts.
After perhaps the last time I laid my eyes on ******* for this term yesterday (when she had her finals in Rizal), that nasty feeling of longing is now creeping up on me. I mean, gee Ralph, tama si KC. I should've at least tried striking up a casual conversation with her or some small talk, instead of being a miserable silent admirer from afar. Sigh. 98°'s "Invisible Man", anyone? :(

Oh, how lovely those gleaming, deep-set almond eyes were. It only lasted for a second or two before I broke my eyes off her, but the memory of it all still lingers. Sigh.

I recall a posting I made a couple of months ago about chance vis-a-vis choice. When you meet somebody who you feel is worthwhile, thats chance. But when you decide to fall for them; to start harboring feelings of affection for them, that's choice. So I guess subconsciously, I did make the choice. Even without knowing her better. Sigh. Why in the world do I continue to make the same mistakes? Oh, Ralph, the pain, the pain.

Last night was the first time I had visions of her in my dreams. Funny, I really never dreamt of the women I admire before.


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