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Monday, May 17, 2004

Up North

Howdy folks. We'll be leaving for Manila after dinner tonight, and I'm blogging from a place a good five or so hours away from the confines of home: San Isidro, Lupao, Nueva Ecija. (also known to older folks as 'Macanawed'.) The Mum's province. :)

And oh, I'm blogging from a GPRS internet connection mated with an IR connection to Tito Nap's swanky ThinkPad, together with dad's phone. The wonders of modern technology? Hardly. It's really a drag to use: it's even slower than my 56k connection at home, and the IBM's eraserhead pointer thingy is a drag to use too. Nevertheless, any semblance of tech outside Central Luzon's major cities is somewhat good, I guess.

I used to dislike it here when I was younger, but there are a number of things I appreciate and love now here in Lola Esther's old, rustic farmhouse. The cool, fresh breeze is the first thing anyone hailing from the metro will notice, along with the relatively slow pace of life here compared to how folks lead their lives back in Manila. Real lovely. Stretching back on those reclined seats, with the the cool evening breeze sweeping up your face, stars starting to break through the clouds set amidst the dark sky... Sigh. I wish this could last forever. The relative serenity broken only by the occassional vehicle plowing through the highway to the border with Pangasinan.

Perhaps the only thing that scared me when we went here was the numerous military encampments. I think I had counted five before arriving here, of course not counting camps in Manila. And military six wheelers drive through the highway periodically over the course of the day. My Lolo (which I discovered was a former intelligence officer at ISAFP) told me not to worry, as he personally know most of the NPA leaders that operate within the area. Ah. Sure, lo. :) One of the perks of having a mum connected with a large and somewhat influential (even sometimes infamous) clan.

Oh. Wait. Mum's calling me to dinner already. Pretty soon we'll be leaving. Sigh.

Goodbye all. Maybe I can get to post later on the way home, as Tito Nap's notebook is going to Manila in preparation for his flight back to cool Toronto.



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