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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Me, my readings, and my music (as well as the obligatory updatage)

Well, as I had thought and felt, it was just a nasty case of infatuation. But it is still nasty as hell, and still hurts a wee bit. :)

Anyway, I am feeling much better now, thank you. But another problem's come to my attention: vacation == boring as hell. lol

I'm really looking for things to do around the house. I've started off with reading, and I'm voraciously devouring all the books I had passed up upon when there were still classes. My Sennheisers-CD Walkman combo is doing a splendid job of keeping my boredom in line too, but music (and reading too) can only do so much. I still need something serious enough to do.

I've also been throwing out older school stuff madly too. Stuff dating back to my second year days. Not that all of those are junk, and being a nostalgic person, I just crammed all of the worthwhile stuff into a big carton box for indefinite stashing. Scratch work got scratched too. :)

That rummaging I did lately was pretty fun, if you ask me. Tiring yes, but I got the chance to see a lot of the older work I did back in high school, dating back to my sophomore year. Essays, poems and other things that could be of interest in the future got stashed, while quizzes, especially failed ones, got trashed. Cool rhyme and logic, eh? Teeheeh.

I'm considering purchasing a roll of general purpose film and a good photography newbie book to satiate my relative idleness. I mean, I'm pretty sure we'll be going places this summer, so a bit of self-taught photography ain't that bad either, isn't it? I'm also working on getting a decent driver's license, as my student permit is due to expire on december of this year.

And oh, fitness is another top priority too. As of late, I've ran a few kilometers off Global City and Makati Park on days I woke up early. Really refreshing to finally do what those exercising folks do when I still had classes and trying to scurry off to school in fear of being late. :)

Other things I'm considering doing this summer:
- Getting a job. Teaching. Again. :)
- Enrolling myself at anything I find interesting.
- Sleeping. Lots.
- Minimizing food intake. :))
- Working on my programming skillz. (Geeky.)

Pretty moronic post for today, if you ask me. Anyway, if you have any other ideas, drop me a line at the usual channels. :)

Ralph out.

Currently listening to: Paolo Santos' "Princess" (Don't ask.)


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