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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

First day's schmurzdaze.

This term is shaping out to be a S11/comtech2003 term. I've got lots of classes with them, most of them comsci courses. After getting my feet wet with 'touring' a greater part of la salle last term (a class in velasco, another in miguel, and the rest in gox), it feels strange to actually have most of my classes in this desolate corner of the campus. :))

Our NETALAB professor never showed up, leaving us with more than four hours[!] of free time yesterday. We've got no money, so we were just limited to scrounging around gox for something to do. And that pretty much sums it up: boredom galore. Gox isn't really a place for one to hang out, let alone find something worthwhile to do other than things related to study.

On the other hand, NETANAL is shaping up to be my focus this term. (Math! Ack.) Here's hoping that with proper attention and care, plus the attitude, this shouldn't turn out to be a relative disaster. Not just yet.

As pogz said yesterday, "Ralph, ano ba tong pinasok ko?" Yep, pogz, i'm also thinking the same thing. Sigh. I guess you can't have the free lunch part and eat it too: we have to work for the things we aspire. In this case, if i'm to do well in comsci, then I'd have to study lots. Oh well.

I still have to attend my two other classes this afternoon, INTRODB and FILIPI2.

Yahoo! Messenger 6 is officially out!
Yahoo!'s added tons of eyecandy and features to this release, making it pretty much on the same ground as other IM clients such as MSN's Messenger.

It's quite the memory hog too: early reports indicate that this thing (or monstrosity, whichever you might prefer) takes up up to 32MB of memory. Minimized: around 4.5MB, around 20MB when the main window is open and more than that if you use YM's other features. Cool enough, but might be a trouble for those with systems with 128MB of system memory or less.

Get it here: http://messenger.yahoo.com/

Cheaters cheated?

[H]ard|OCP has an interesting article here on their changing video card testing methodology. I'm inclined to agree: most users have been focusing on how video cards perform on canned benchmarks, all while tending to forget about the bigger picture of gameplay and image quality (IQ). All too often, many tend to focus on how much 3DMarks or AquaMarks or whatevermarks a video card produce, without taking into consideration IQ and other equally-important aspects of a video card. This has been the subject of a debacle surrounding Nvidia over the performance of their high-end FX parts that have been skimping on image quality. Personally, I prefer raising the bar of image quality, as many high-end parts can already produce tons of frames per second. This capacity for performance is, I feel, better suited to increasing image quality.

Just my two centavos worth.


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