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Thursday, May 27, 2004

And the leap of faith finally comes through... for real.

I got my external shifting form just this afternoon, shelling out 150 for it. This is it. If I make it, then Ralph the Educator comes true... but if not, maybe i'll still be an educator, albeit a computer-education one. :)

I'm got this stifling feeling that sir joey might be right all along: that maybe i was only disinterested and or discouraged last term because the subjects I took lacked the necessary "zing" for me to appreciate and work hard through them. Now that I'm taking real interesting, down-and-dirty comsci subjects like introdb and compasm, I'm having second doubts about all of this. Sigh. Decisions. Big ones. I hate going through the thought process and eventually making them.

Anyway, I'm filling this form up and submitting it, maybe on Munday. I still need to pray.

Okay, so ******* isn't in my filipi class. But really, do *I* really care? (Maybe a bit. ;) Seriously, I don't. At all. (But still, some part of me would love to have her around. :)) Ack. There it is again. Oh well. :D

Thankfully, she's still around, despite her own words of uncertainty last term when she flew off to the states. Saw her last Tuesday while adjusting (a part of me was wanting to just strike up a real conversation with her ;) she was wearing that yellow blouse that screams of Bayo or Kamiseta origin. (actually, it can even be of penshoppe or giordano origin... i just hate doing theguesswork. :) Long, flowing black hair. Those gleaming, almond set of eyes. Lovely. :sighs:

Too bad, insecurity/anxiety/uncertainty got the better part of this guy named ralph. :(

I've got a new number!

zero nine two seven seven twenty sixteen sixty seven.

on a sony ericsson z600 mobile.


one can say that i am, indeed, a sony ericsson fan. :)

interesting though, that it's only now that i learned that recent se phones (T39 onwards) feature limited cut-copy-paste functionality. :D

Anyway, gotta go. It's midnight already. Gotta go get some shuteye. :)



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