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Friday, June 25, 2004

Updatage 0604252049

(If you've been in wonder over my silly updatage numbering scheme, let me explain. The first two digits, "06" stands for the month, the next pair (04) is the year, the third pair is the date, followed by the time in 24h/military format.)

Anyway, let's get on with things.

It's Official. I'm ComSci no more.

I had my appointment with the Department of English and Applied Linguistics (DEAL) vice-chair just this afternoon about my shifting application. An impromptu interview ensued, and afterwards, she informally welcomed me to the College of Education and to the English academic program. Wonderful. I'm going to be a teacher. :)

As much as I was enthralled by the news, at the same time, butterflies started to flutter within my tummy. I knew there and then that I was anxious about all this; that all the major courses I took in ComSci did not matter anymore. Gone is the reasoning that I chose ComSci only because people *expected* me to do so. This is my life, and I have control over it. I was taking a path that I know I had personally reflected, decided and thought upon, and there's simply no going back. This is a decision I made, after carefully thinking and deliberating it with myself over for the past five months. It is a decision that will certainly have repercussions over the course of my lifetime. I've taken my first step towards becoming Ralph the Educator.

Oh. Make that "Ralph the Lasallian Educator." :)

The Halloween Documents

I've been doing a thorough reading of the entire Halloween Documents, a series of controversial internal Microsoft memos and commentaries on the threat open-source software, such as GNU/Linux, poses to their business model. If you're been keen on what Microsoft has done during the late 90s, you might have been aware of the unfair tactics they had used against competitors in major markets like browsers. These articles gives even more insight on what goes on at Microsoft.

The Halloween Documents are here.

Spotlight Song of the Moment: John Mayer's "New Deep"


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