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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

A commentary: And the whole lot falls apart


I just don't think that pulling out our 'troops' from Iraq is a good idea. I personally think that Khaled ibn al-Walid, the militant group holding Angelo dela Cruz, is just taking advantage of the Philippines' "weakest link" status (meaning we've got only a miniscule 'force' on the ground there) among the coalition members to forward its own interests. It is perhaps possible then that this kidnapping will occur more often to the countries who have smaller troop deployments in Iraq in order to degrade their morale quickly and force their respective governments to pull-out from the coalition, leaving the US largely alone in this largesse.

The thing is, terrorism was designed to work this way: to instill fear and hesitation in the hearts and minds of the people they target. If we let this marginalized group have its way, we are only letting them grow bolder and let terror sow its effects on Filipinos here and abroad. Subjecting to their demands is not in the best interests of our desire to help the Iraqis, let alone of our own country's.

And for crying out loud: Our 'troops' in Iraq can hardly be considered a real troop deployment! Most of them are civilian engineers, doctors, social workers and policemen. Only a small segment of the 93 people or so we have there are real soldiers from the armed forces. And this group is demanding that we pull out our troops? If I were Prez, i'd give them the finger and just tell 'em to f*** o**.

Whatever happened to GMA's stodgy disposition towards terrorists? From my point of view, Khaled ibn al-Walid fits the exact representation of what a terrorist group is: They kill, they kidnap people, they do bombings and more importantly, they do this to the very people who work and put their lives on the line to help a nation that is thousands of miles away from our little corner here in Asia. While I don't like buying the Americans' line of benevolence, I'd have to make an exception in this case, as this group is not even representative of real Iraqi sentiment towards countries providing assistance.

Leaving would simply do no good both to our country and to the Iraqis we've worked so hard to help.


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