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Friday, July 09, 2004

Link of the Day


Another Disclaimer: This does not, in any way, represent the stance of any of the companies mentioned herein. Nor will I be held liable for any possible injury caused by laughter. Watch at your own risk. :)

Prescott Survival Kit, anyone?

It has been known for quite some time that despite AMD's strong showing in terms of hardware engineering and technology, product marketing isn't exactly one of their strongest suits. This might just change that.

Talk about marketing teetering on product-assasination-through-FUD. Oh, wait. That's not exactly a new thing in this industry. :)

New Mozilla.org Releases!

After some issues with the "shell:" protocol being left open as default on Mozilla's main software lines, here comes a series of releases that address just that. (Although note that technically, Firefox 0.9.2 and others are just a 'reissue' of the last public releases that includes the shell: exploit fix.

For those who wouldn't want to download, a patch is also available.

More information here.


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