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Sunday, July 04, 2004

Link of the Day

Disclaimer: This is a spoof ad. You've been warned. :)

I hurt. Badly.

My thighs hurt, my arms hurt, my head's spinning like there's no tomorrow... all these, as a result of yesterday's RCG Hell day.

Hell Day is the final day of tests and activities before our RCG batch is formally recognized as an NROTC SSU (Special Supprt Unit). It includes a pretty rigorous physical and a series teambuilding activities. Honestly, I was expecting it to be pretty easy. I was proven wrong, to some degree.

The day started early, with two and a half hours devoted to the PT exercises. I was tired like a sore thumb sticking out of nowhere. My throat was dry, and there were indications that I'll be throwing up anytime during the duration of the PT. It was pretty grueling, but I did make it, somehow.

The next series of activities occured in the field. This is where things got interesting. We were first instructed to cross the football field in a braced circle, where each one holds each other by his/her arms, crossing the field together without breaking the link or the circle. That was pretty easy, as we just got a cadence to follow, and everything went pretty smoothly. The next activity was what really peeved me. :) We were told to lie down beside each other on the field and everyone was supposed to literally roll over the entire RCG. Being the batch rep, I was first. Ack. And I was holding a guidon. I'm not that all lanky, so I knew I pretty hefty, and now you guys are asking me to roll over my fellow batchmates, girls included? Baaad. But anyway, for the record, I did it. Yep, I did. After essentially shouting and ranting just how sorry I am and that I was only doing my job. Pretty lame if you ask me, but hell, what could I have possibly done, other than that? :)

Anyway, after that, things were easier, perhaps with the exception of that nasty PA system. I went home tired, but at least feeling accomplished, as I did went through hell day without any hitches at all.

Now all I'll have to do is study. Argh. No rest for the weary. :)

Maria Sharapova wins All England Club at Wimbledon!

I wasn't able to watch her game due to rotc yesterday, but from the news network clips I saw, she's one helluva tennis player for her age. Pretty too.


A few images from the match:
- Sharapova on winning the tilt
- Sharapova with Williams on the podium


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