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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Revisiting an old, furtive fant'sy...

... on that social-networking site found here. It was actually the first time I've had the guts to muster enough courage to actually take a gander at her profile once again, and sort of rediscover the things I found worthwhile about her. While you might say that this is no way of forgetting about my mistake and her, I still believe that our past is what comprises who we are right now, so in my rulebook, there's actually nothing bad about what I did.

There's actually a strange, almost old, familiar feeling in reading the things you had admired so much about a person; essentially the things you built fanciful wishes and daydreams on. I'd rather not elaborate, but in all honestly, there's actually some sense of gratification in knowing that she found somebody. While some part of me still wishes if i could be that one guy she said 'yes' to, I'm pretty comfy with the status quo. I dunno, really. Maybe nasanay na lang on making such mistakes that it seems pretty much the norm to me already. (Of course, any sane individual would tell you that this is not the way things should happen, but really, I'm a happy camper at the other side of the fence. ;)

I've also changed my primary Friendster.com pic to a trio of tulip blossoms I once featured here from shutterline. Not that I'm gay, you insensitive clod. :) Aside for the not-so-obvious symbolism, I just have this strange thing for flowers, as they make for interesting conversation and photography subjects. And they're just beautifully astounding. :D

Anyway, have to go for now. I still have to make some nice, complex, mind-wracking data model E/ERDs on Visio. Ciao!

currently on my playlist: u turn's "its you" (go figure. mush song na naman to! bwahaha.)


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