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Thursday, July 29, 2004

* silly Firefox mem leak; forced me to repost this entire entry after it had crashed. Sigh. Work-in-progress. :)

Flowers, anyone?

Here's a lovely pair of flower photos for you. While it may seem somewhat gay, any budding photographer would certainly agree that flowers are pretty (pun intended) interesting subjects. ^_^

Image 01
Image 02

Weirded out

Firefox crashing, NETANAL almost failing... sigh.

The Day's Realization (Or rather, common sense made known): I shouldn't have taken comsci majors. :D

Anyway, I'm getting scared about NETANAL. This subject, for all the interesting stuff and the instructor it has, has the real potential to be a killer. Seventy percent passing mark, 1/3 passing trend in the quizzes... if it weren't for Sir Jess' admirable efforts to make it easy for us, NETANAL would surely be a disaster, much like that CS/CT course that covers ASM. [cough]*compasm*[cough]

Underloaded na nga ako, mukhang babagsak pa! Argh. *Give* *me* *a* *break*.

If only I actually had the patience back in high school to pore over and study math, this netanal thingy would be pretty much a walk-in-the-park. But I did not. Sob. :(

Windoze got fux0red on me yesterday, leaving me with a nasty and real annoying 'Delayed Write Failed' error whenever I did a read or a write operation with my hard disk. Frustrated, but undeterred, I searched high and low on Google and Teoma for the solution. The [somewhat] workaround I found? Just set My Computer's Advanced Properties' Performance Settings' Advanced tab's Memory Usage to 'Programs'. Hahah. Confusing. Here's the neato version: Right-click on 'My Computer', select the 'Advanced' tab, click on 'Settings' under 'Performance',
select the 'Advanced' tab, and select the 'Programs' radio button under 'Memory usage'.

Windows XP: beats even GNU/Linux on the complexity and strange-behavior department.

The LRT also got fux0red earlier today, after the train I was on suddenly stopped while it was leaving Gil Puyat and underway. Talk about bad luck. :)) I was then forced to take a jeepney and shell out PhP 5.50 for a ride that is hardly a kilometer away, as waiting for that thing to get fixed is an exercise in wasting time. Interesting observation: Time does equal money in this case.

And oh, I'm pretty excited over my 'adopted' block next term. Most of the education classes I plan to take is with this CoED frosh block, L81. I can only wonder how those guys will turn out.

I'll be pretty much on my own next term, except perhaps for a course or two. I really should've taken RELSTWO this term. Sigh.

Current status: love... less. Teka. Hindi pala. I am loved by God! Ahahaha.
Syet. Baliw na ata ako.
Stuck and playing on WA5: Lee Ritenour - "Can't Let Go"


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