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Friday, August 06, 2004

incessantries of growth, third part.

i was checking out my older blog here for nostalgia's sake...

... and discovered a lot has changed.

I do have a rough sense of direction now in life; now that I've decided that I wanted to teach. Also, I don't do suicide letters now, thank you. :) But the thing is, there's still something missing.

Ah yes, an OS. Err, SO, I mean. (Silly slashdot types; poking fun at the people who are single by choice. :)

Anyway, I wrapped up my netalab report just this morning after working on it since Wednesday evening. Gee, this is good: that leaves me with one less task to worry and pore over the weekend. I must admit, there's some sense of gratification finishing things up earlier than usual. Heheh.

Reader ramblings

I want to read Noam Chomsky and Isaac Asimov. Sadly, DLSU's library doesn't stack up on their writings, particularly Asimov's fiction. I was curious about him after reading how the movie 'I, Robot' sort of 'distorts' Asimov's original idea of what a robot should be like. As to Chomsky, well, after reading the polemic William Blum's "Rogue State", I was curious about reading more on the ills and failings of US foreign policy, especially on "communist containment" and terrorism. Rogue State, as you may know, discusses the possible reasons for 9-11 and other acts of terror against the US.

Hah. Curious. What a reason. I want to get back into reading so badly...

... that I'm actually planning to pick up a romance novel, either from McNaught or Deveraux.

So i ask: anybody who has good romance titles to recommend? I was thinking of getting 'Almost Heaven'. :D


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